You spoke, we listened: All your survey comments answered in full!

Thanks to all of you who took the time to fill in our questionnaire, and well done to the lucky folks who won tickets to the Taste of London event last week! 

Many of you got in touch to tell us that our kombucha has helped with various ailments: from digestion to diabetes, IBS to Crohns, and we were thrilled to hear that so many of you credited our kombucha with better health and increased energy levels. We are so happy to hear your stories, although it's very important to note that we don't make any health claims about kombucha ourselves. Saying that, our regular blog posts reporting what scientists are saying about the importance of probiotics and fermented food in fighting a wide range of diseases demonstrate that maintaining a healthy gut could have a positive knock-on effect on the body as a whole. We'd love to hear more of these anecdotes, so please do get in touch with us if you have a story to share!

You suggested making Aloe Vera, Chia seed, and Rose & Orange flavoured kombucha...mmm, they all sound delicious and we'll certainly bear all these ideas in mind! We were throwing ideas around in the office and we quite fancy adding a Mango and Lime flavour to our range...what do you all think?

We've listened to your requests for bottles in a range of sizes, and are looking into this. You asked for quicker delivery times, and we've since outsourced distribution so the process is speeded up and there's better communication on when your kombucha will arrive. We've also added shipping costs to the price of each multipack on our online shop, so you can see exactly what you'll be spending in total before you get to the checkout.

A few of you were worried that you couldn't find your favourite kombucha in local stores; this was probably due to the Boxing Day floods that devastated the brewery and our distribution chain for many months. We're finally getting back on our feet and into the shops, so hopefully any availability problems are a thing of the past. Also, don't forget that you can use our online store locator to find your nearest stockist. 

We've also put together a short Q&A addressing all the queries you lovely lot asked us:

Q: "I am very interested in fermented products but would worry about any added sugar negating the benefits."

A: Kombucha is made by fermenting tea and sugar and a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts), so it would be impossible to brew without any sugar at all. Sugar is a necessary ingredient for any fermentation process. Here at Equinox we only add the necessary amount of raw, organic cane sugar to kick-start the process, but we don't add any extra sugar after this step. The SCOBY actually 'eats' or absorbs most of the sugar during fermentation, meaning the final product is low in calories and totally natural. Calorie content for each flavour is printed on the back of the bottles, right at the bottom of the label. Ingredients can be found running up the back right hand side of each bottle label. 

Q: "I always wonder if it's OK to eat the lumpy stuff but everyone I ask says it's fine."

A: You must be talking about the SCOBY, a living organism made up of yeasts and good bacteria. You can indeed eat a SCOBY, and there are many interesting recipes using this gelatinous super-blob that you might want to check out. Why not check out our step-by-step instructions on how to make tempura salad using a SCOBY...not for the faint-hearted, but definitely fascinating! 

Q: "Does it contain caffeine?"

A: Because our kombucha is brewed with organic Chun-Mee green tea, it inevitably has trace elements of caffeine. However this amount is quite insignificant and doesn't begin to compare to the caffeine levels of a cup of coffee. 

Q: "I was wondering if the best way to store it is if I buy many 20 packs at once. I know it says 'consume within 3 days of opening and keep refrigerated' but I'm assuming I can store them outside the refrigerator unopened."

A: Unlike other similar brands, Equinox kombucha has a 12 month shelf life and doesn't need to be refrigerated until you want to consume it. Our kombucha is best served chilled, but that's just because it tastes better that way. So yes- as long as you store boxes in a cool, dark place, it will stay fresh. Ordering multiple cases is a great idea to make sure you never run out!

Q. Is your kombucha pasteurised? 

A: No. The process of pasteurisation kills off the good bacteria, which is what makes kombucha a 'living tea.' Equinox kombucha is 100% raw and unpasteurised, just like it should be. 

Finally, thanks for all your wonderful testimonies. Here are just a few:

"I love the taste, the colour and the gentle fizz. I have it at 7pm in a champagne glass and it makes me feel like a treat without the sugar of wine."

Great idea! Here's a question for the rest of you- how do you drink yours?

"My children love it, it's great to be able to give them a drink that is good for them."

"It seriously makes me happy seeing my fridge full of ginger kombucha!"

"The taste is so much better than other similar products. Also the after-feeling: increased energy, digestion and balance."

"I love the taste of all the different flavours, but Wild Berry is my favourite! It has just the right amount of bubbles and the bottles are beautiful."

"It tastes and smells like a summer's day! Also, I know it's doing my gut good!"

We're really humbled by your amazing feedback, so thanks again for letting us know your thoughts! If you're new to the #kombucharevolution you might want to check out our handy FAQ on the wonders of kombucha. If you have anything to add, please either comment below or (for stories) send an email to

Big love from all at Equinox HQ x


Krazy Kaptain Kombucha
Krazy Kaptain Kombucha