wildlife, Winter Solstice -

Deep Midwinter

As temperatures drop, & the last leaves are torn from their branches by blustery winds, the earth prepares for her longest night of darkness.


Winter Solstice, also known as “yule’, marks the turning point in the year & celebrates the rebirth of the sun, heralding the longer days of light that will yield to spring. It’s also a reminder that our darkest & coldest moments are both short & transient.


The colder months can be a time of hardship for wildlife, so providing regular meals for your local birds is an ideal way to express gratitude for their incredible aerial displays & liquid songs. And it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Leftover cooked rice, soaked bread scraps, cheese parings & pieces of fruit such as apples & grapes make a welcome banquet for garden birds, as do commercially available wild bird foods. Such a small gesture can be a lifeline to a hungry bird.


Go peacefully, & enjoy the magical words & images of this beautiful Winter Solstice Song by Lisa Thiel.