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Thanks to Elizabeth at Food Ingredients First for her great feature highlighting the incredible rise of fermented food and drinks, which Equinox was delighted to be mentioned in. 'The health benefits of fermented foods are being reported on increasingly, with western consumers widely opening up to new concepts. Consumption of fermented foods can be traced back thousands of years, if not longer, but it seems in 2016, buoyed by new product developments and consumers’ heightened awareness of the negative perceptions of processed foods, fermented foods are to establish themselves as a major food trend.' You can read the full article...

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Jaw-dropping science facts everyone should know about kombucha, part 4 Indian scientists have discovered that diabetes sufferers would benefit from a kombucha habit, with the antioxidants in the drink proven to suppress organ dysfunction and restore alterations in tissue machinery caused by the condition. Both black tea and kombucha were tested in a 2013 study led by Semantee Bhattacharya from the Department of Life Sciences & Biotechnology in Kolkata. The team found that while both drinks worked very well at combatting the causes of diabetes, kombucha was significantly more efficient than black tea (because the fermentation process produces a higher number of...

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Do try this at home!    The benefits of consuming traditionally fermented foods are well documented. However, as they are not mass-produced, or available in mainstream stores, they can be hard to come by. Also the cost of buying a lovingly crafted, artisan product can be prohibitive if you are on a limited budget. Fermentation is a very forgiving process so, provided you follow a few basic guidelines, you can make your own supply of deliciously nutritional fermented fruits & vegetables. The only equipment required are glass jars, a mixing bowl & a couple of plastic bags. Pretty much...

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