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 If you’re struggling to find a use for leftover Christmas nuts, how about experimenting with some divinely nutty biscuits & pastries?     Lacking the gluten found in wheat & some other grains, baking pastries & biscuits with nut flours is a whole new ball game. Gluten lends elasticity to dough, making it pliable & easy to work with. A pasty, nut-based concoction is an altogether trickier beast to tame. Treat it with the rough abandon afforded to traditional pastry & it will reward your efforts will a stalwart display of non-cooperation.   However, with a few tricks & turns,...

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Unleash your inner Celt this Burns Night with a Kaptain Kombucha Mc Kilt Lifter.   Trans-Atlantic sophistication meets hearty Pict rawness in this ultimate whisky sour/whisky mac hybrid.  A cheeky blend of Equinox Ginger Kombucha, lavishly enhanced with the smooth, delicate undertones of a distinguished single malt.   For a bolder, more pungent flavour substitute a deliciously peaty Islay malt for a taste of the windswept Western Isles.   Perfect with neeps, tatties & haggis, or simply enjoy as a robust winter warmer.

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