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Do try this at home!    The benefits of consuming traditionally fermented foods are well documented. However, as they are not mass-produced, or available in mainstream stores, they can be hard to come by. Also the cost of buying a lovingly crafted, artisan product can be prohibitive if you are on a limited budget. Fermentation is a very forgiving process so, provided you follow a few basic guidelines, you can make your own supply of deliciously nutritional fermented fruits & vegetables. The only equipment required are glass jars, a mixing bowl & a couple of plastic bags. Pretty much...

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Mention you have a "gut feeling" about something, & everybody will know what you mean.  For centuries language has honoured the role of the gut in processing feelings & "intuition". "Butterflies in the stomach", "stomach churning" & "gut instinct" are all familiar phrases.   In the chakra system the solar plexus chakra relates to the gut & is the energy centre of feelings, processing raw emotions.  Stress, unhappiness, anger & fear all go straight to the gut.  No wonder the gut in now being referred to as the "second brain".   The vagus nerve connects the brain stem directly to...

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