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"Jelly & Ice Cream"

A new twist on an old favourite



Fans of champagne jelly will love this ambrosial treat. Indulge yourself with a layer of invigorating Kombucha, its tiny bubbles suspended in a quivering jelly, topped with home made probiotic ‘ice cream’. It will leave you palate tingling, & your stomach ready for action.


Acetic acid forming bacteria in the kombucha help raise stomach acidity, aiding digestion & killing pathogenic bacteria. Gelatine is high in protein, contains numerous essential amino acids, attracts water to its molecules helping food move through the digestive tract, & has an incredibly healing effect on the gut. Slow-fermented yoghurt gobbles up lactose, the sugar in milk that can cause gastric discomfort, & produces a variety of probiotic microbes.


Kombucha jelly is quick & easy to make. Mix a tablespoon of high quality gelatine from grass fed cattle in a little hot water, then add your favourite flavour of kombucha & refrigerate until set. (For a vegetarian alternative use agar agar instead of gelatine.) Use the ‘ice crush’ setting on your blender to create an instant, sugar free ‘ice cream’ with scrummy frozen fruit & a spoonful of creamy yoghurt.


Go on…….excite your taste buds with this soothing, gut-friendly starter.