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Go Nuts

Kaptain Kombucha’s furry friend is crazy about nuts. He can’t get enough of their crunchy goodness.




Nuts are a little used ingredient in traditional British cooking, mainly having been afforded the status of pre-drink nibbles or the mainstay of home-baked vegetarian nut roasts. But the humble nut has so much more to offer. These nutrient dense morsels are full of natural oils, protein, vitamins & minerals.


Here’s a quick “ABC” of some of the amazing properties of the most common nuts:


Almond – vitamin E & calcium

Brazil – selenium

Cashew – magnesium, zinc & iron

Chestnut – vitamin B6 and fibre

Coconut – lauric acid, B vitamins & minerals

Hazelnut – folate

Pecan – oleic acid, vitamin E, B vitamins & minerals

Pistachio – potassium, vitamin K

Walnuts – omega-3, vitamin E


As well as making healthy snacks, nuts can be used as flour substitutes in baking……..perfect for anybody who needs to follow a gluten/grain free diet, or for those who want to reduce carbohydrate consumption without giving up cakes & biscuits.


The next blog will cover some tips on baking with nuts, so you can have your cake & eat it.