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Scientists link reduction in anxiety among teens who consume fermented foods

A series of studies have begun at the University of Maryland to look at the gut and psychology link. In fact studies like this are happening in many universities globally looking at epigenetics and how we are what we eat and the results are coming in thick and fast. The first study, that the University of Maryland will be published in the journal Psychiatry Research in August, has found that social anxiety and neurosis is reduced in teens who consume fermented foods! How fantastic eh? The Science Daily article is very exciting to us here at Equinox as many customers report feeling great after regularly drinking kombucha but there's not been much hard science to support or substantiate any health claims about the drink. We welcome any scientific research that helps people to take control of their own health and we're looking forward to more groundbreaking research from the University of Maryland. In the mean time pick up a box of Equinox and get your chill on.