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Grains, nuts & seeds are packed full of scrummy nutrients, but the greedy little rascals want them all for themselves......& who can blame them!  

As the future generation they need to be pretty tough nuts to survive until the conditions for germination are right, so Mother Nature has given them some awesome weapons, known collectively as anti-nutrients.  These include various toxins & enzyme inhibitors.  Yes, that's right, they're making it really hard for your digestive system to get to work on them, & they can even steal some of your minerals by binding to them to prevent them being absorbed by your digestive tract!

Our fast food culture & lifestyle has abandoned much of the wisdom of our ancestors, producing food as quickly as possible for profit & convenience, & we have paid the price in the huge rise in digestive & nutritional disorders.  Soaked & fermented foods have always been part of traditional diets, & for good reason.  

Soaking grains, nuts & seeds in a warm, slightly acidic environment mimics the conditions under which germination takes place, so you can trick them into giving you all their good stuff.  The anti-nutrient content is reduced, & soaking also unlocks vitamins making nutrients more bioavailable & easier to absorb. 

A mixture of Kombucha & water makes an ideal soak.  

These nutty little buckwheat groats get a short soak of a few hours, & can be sprouted in a couple of days to make a living food.  They make a great addition to salads, or try them with pecans, mixed berries & a drizzle of maple syrup for a light breakfast or supper.