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No Flies On Us!

A Kaptain Kombucha tip for home brewers

Everybody loves Kombucha, but sometimes your Kombucha party can attract unwelcome gatecrashers.  

Drosophila melanogaster, otherwise known as the common fruit fly, just love the smell of fermenting Kombucha.  Summer sees them out in force, & that sumptuous, inviting mattress of SCOBY (the fruity body of bacteria & yeast that transforms sweetened tea into Kombucha) puts them in the mood for romance. Given half a chance the cheeky winged invaders will sneak right in, feast on your Kombucha & lay their eggs on your SCOBY.



The trouble with fruit flies is that they refuse to wipe their sticky little feet & you never know where they've been!  Whilst more of a nuisance than a major threat to human health, their grubby trotters can contaminate your SCOBY with rogue bacteria & yeasts, or even turn it into a thriving nursery for their young. They'll shirk their parental responsibilities & fly off without a care in the world, leaving you to deal with the flutter of tiny wings!

Although many people use muslin to cover their brew the more densely woven waffle material provides better protection against even the most determined fruit fly, whilst still being breathable. Teamed up with scrupulous hygiene & a snugly fitting elastic band it will keep your SCOBY safe & secure to perform it's magic in peace.

Happy brewing!