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Warm Cheese Delirium

For a light lunch on a busy day, why not try a five minute Kaptain Kombucha meal idea?

A generous handful of mixed salad leaves, sweet little cherry tomatoes, colourful zingy peppers, red onion & refreshing cucumber, topped by baked cheese & pesto.  Five minutes on a hot oven is all it takes to create a melt-in-the-mouth sensation. My favourite moment is breaking through the crust & watching that lava-flow of molten cheese oozing over the salad........mmmm, so creamy!  It goes down a treat with freshly picked red currants & a bottle of Original Kombucha.

My own preference is for goat, rather than cow's cheese.  Goat milk casein, which is the protein content, is more similar to that in human milk, & has only a small amount of Alpha S1 casein.  This is the dominant protein in cow's milk that is often responsible for allergic reactions.  Also the fat globules in goat milk are smaller, giving a larger relative surface area for your digestive juices to get to work on them.  For me, one of the greatest bonuses of goat milk is that it does not require homogenisation as the smaller fat particle size means that, unlike cow's milk, it does not naturally separate out into milk & cream.

Homogenisation is an unnatural process that forcibly blasts milk through minuscule holes, breaking down fat into tiny particles so that it remains evenly distributed throughout the milk.  The problem with this is that cream contains a substance called xanthine oxidase, an enzyme that is also present in the human liver where it helps to break down waste.  But whilst xanthine oxidase does a great job in the liver, where it is meant to be, it becomes harmful if it is allowed to enter the bloodstream & can cause damage to the heart & blood vessels.  

And this is precisely what homogenisation enables, by creating teeny little fat particles that are capable of passing directly through the intestinal wall & into the blood stream where they release their toxic load of xanthine oxidase!

However, if you really don't enjoy the taste of goat cheese you can always substitute Camembert for an equally electrifying experience!