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Good Morning Sunshine

I was feeling kind of inspired last night. Those grey, rainy evenings leave me craving an injection of sunshine. Hmmm, so how about planning a kombucha themed breakfast to kick start the day?


Whoa..............succulent kombucha fruit loaf!



Equinox ginger kombucha poured over a bowl of dried fruits & seeds exploded in a sizzling cauldron of effervescence. By morning the kombucha steeped fruits were nicely plumped, tender, juicy & beautifully fragrant with a gingery sweetness & a hint of yeast.


Added to my favourite gluten & sugar free loaf recipe those kombucha laden nuggets made a wicked bake, packed full of flavour & goodness. An irresistibly sunny way to start the day, & equally delicious with honey, nut butter or a knob of organic butter gently seeping into those warm crevices.


One slice will leave you hungry for more!