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Big Bang

Spectacular to look at, but do we really need fireworks to enjoy a great celebration?



Whilst they look very pretty against an indigo sky, the not so pretty reality is that they unleash a shower of noxious chemicals that can pollute our air, water & soil. Aluminium, copper, strontium, barium, rubidium & cadmium all produce the various colours that illuminate the sky each Bonfire Night. Charcoal, sulphur & other compounds provide the modern day gunpowder to fuel the explosion, rendering the air thick with smoke.


Aside from their potential to pollute the earth & contribute to health problems, fireworks impact on both wild & domestic animals. For birds, their natural home is suddenly invaded by missiles, & the loud, unpredictable explosions must be truly terrifying to sensitive ears designed to detect the snap of a twig or the lightest of footfalls.


Pre-built bonfires are not without their dangers too. The chilly nights of late autumn herald the onset of hibernation for hedgehogs, & a hedgehog can easily mistake an undisturbed bonfire for cosy winter quarters.


For a gentler, greener celebration enjoy a bonfire without the big bangs. Share food, warmth & laughter with friends & neighbours. Rejoice in the companionship you receive from all earth’s beings. Enjoy the magic as the flames form shapes & patterns, flickering around the heart of the fire. Treat our beautiful planet with the respect she deserves.


A safe & harmonious celebration to you all.